Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sometimes I wonder...

...why I keep writing here. Even if it is sporadic.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Entertaining Jellybeans....

Its been crazy around here. Not that our life normally isn't, just more so than normal.

Now for the updates:

Nate is officially starting his first day at his new job today. For those of you who don't know, he is now employed by the Yolo County Juvenille Department and is a Detention Officer Trainee, Extra Help. For now. The pay is ok, but as soon as he makes up the hours and goes full time, he will actually make enough money that we can ALMOST barely afford to live on one income and he will get full benefits and everything.

On that note however, will him leaving Schillings, we are out of insurance at the end of this month. Since my job doesnt include said insurance, we now have to find a way to pay out of pocket. But, being the little ex-insurance processor that I am, I think I found decent coverage for myself that isnt TOO expensive and does include maternity care, so it will be a little tight for a few months, but things will get better.

With that said, for those of you who havn't heard (or figured things out by the few changes to my page and numerous comments from friends)...I am pregnant. And yes, for those of you whom I KNOW are saying this, or already did, its about time. :o) Actually, considering what your body goes through for this, I would be happy if we would skip the whole pregnancy thing and just have the child but this is how God wanted it to happen. Here's to spending the next 9 months trying not to barf, fart in public, complain (too much) about the back pains/headaches/frequent bladder trips/constant nausea and/or alienating my friends by turning into a she-devil high on all the progesterone and estrogen pumping through my system. If I turn into a rampaging lunatic, you have my permission to slap some sense into me. Really.

Funny stuff and sarcasm aside, I am actually very happy. Most of you know how badly I have wanted to have children, so I am BEYOND ecstatic that we are finally moving that direction. Of course now I am panicking about having to get out of debt that much faster and having to save up for some rather expensive items, but its all worth the little brat/bundle of joy that will be with us in 8 months. And since most of you have been asking me, I do now know how far along I am. According to the Dr and yesterdays ultrasound, I am 8 weeks, 2 days along, (my ticker on my page is off) and my due date is April 28th. I got to see the baby (which looks like and is the size of a jellybean) and we got to hear its heartbeat. We, meaning Nate and I. He HATES going to the Dr., so it is a really big deal to me that he actually went with me. Everything is healthy and A OK so far and we even got to see that the baby is developing is spine and a leg. And no, (and yes, I was worried about this), I didnt pull a Jennifer Aniston, I could see the baby and I actually pointed out to the doctor where I thought the spine was (after she told me it was developing) and actually got it right! Ok, its stupid, but it made me happy.

In other events, I took a job at a local jewelers a few weeks back and I have to say, I love the family I work for but I actually had to make the decision, for the very first time in my life, that the job just wasnt for me and I had to decided to leave. Its not the family, its just that I realized I am NOT cut out for sales (for multiple reasons that would take WAY to long to explain). However, I may not be actually leaving. An offer of part-time employment doing a different job was offered to me, so I have a big decision ahead of me. We will see...

Regarding the other member of our family, Beaker the bird is still here and chiriping. Actually, she talks now. Only "Pretty Bird" but its really funny to hear her say it. She also has finally developed, what I used to refer to as (my moms bird Buddy used to do this), the Chicken Neck Bob, which is basically her running up and down her perch, bobbing her head up and down really fast, making this weird noise. It really is hysterical to watch. And lately, she has developed this habit of cramming her head into the acrylic cover of her treat cup and talking really loudly so that she can hear the echo of herself inside the cup. She was pissed at me the first few weeks after I started my new job (she was used to me being home all the time) but now she just likes having me home. She has learned how to fly and she LOVE circling the living room before landing on her jungle-gym I now have set up on the cage. She is, at the very least, entertaining.


Its started raining yesterday and its actually cold today!!!!!!! October, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, HERE WE COME!!!!!

Time to start decorating my house.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Whats in a name?

Not that I really believe anyone is actually reading this site, but for my own personal gratification, I decided to change the name of my blog to something that fit me and my hobbies. Hence the new title, in homage to my three favorite wastes of time in the world, photography, needlework (any kind) and sunflowers. Ok, fine. I know sunflowers are not actually a hobby but I love them and figured they should have at least an honerable mention. Some day I will get around to actually posting some of my pictures. And I WILL make myself a real page.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

We will see....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If I asked where all the time went.....

Would it sound redundant?

I am really starting to feel like all I do is wonder where all my lost time went. Actually, I know exactly where it went, maybe I just have a hard time reconsiling myself to the time wasted.

"Life. Don't talk to me about life."


Cigar box purses: What purses? Really. The one I intended to finish is still sitting in its box, waiting for fittings I just really have not gotten around to ordering. I really do think I need a fire under my a$$ as finish things sometimes. BUT, I may have one, ready to order, tailor made. My church is hosting a banquet for our Biblical Archiology Musuem in order to pay of the remaining balance on the pieces we purchase. I am technically in charge of wait staff, (i.e. I get to rally together a large group of teenagers, convince them to work for an evening for free and then spend an entire night ordering them around. *evil grin*), however, we (the Museum Committee) have been given the task of finding items for a silent auction. DING! Suddenly I have a reason to buy the fittings. My friends are always telling me I need to sell my purses but I have never been able to gut myself up to trying to sell anything I make. So this just might be the perfect opportunity. Obviously not one to gauge how much I should charge for items, but it could give me an indication if people are willing to actually buy things I make. SO, with that said, I will probably be buying additional boxes, materials and fittings in the near future and this time I will TRY to be better about actually posting my work. (So says the person who hasn't written anything for 5 months.)

Crochet prodjects: I have completed a few and, big surprise, I forgot to take pictures. I finished an iPOD case for my sister and started a new one for myself. Then I decided to try working with plastic canvas, something I have not done since my mom taught me how to use the stuff in '85. I did complete one, and yet again, forgot to take pictures. The yarn I used was very cute and soft but WAY to easy to stain, so attempt # 2, here we come.

Knitting: Still can't. Nuff said. Not for a lack of trying though, I might add.

Sewing: Nothing really. But that will probably chance since play season is back with the start of school. Costume Central, this is my home.

Beading: Not much of anything lately.

Photography: Actually, I have done a lot of this but nothing of real consiquence. But if anyone actually reads this and cares to see what I have been up to, check out my flickr account. Warning: I am replacing some stuff I had there, so if its blank, check back later.

I think really, on the whole, I have not done a whole lot this year in regards to crafting. A lot of half-a$$ attempts but nothing really finalized. I am hoping I break that label soon.

Right now I am experimenting with a Seamless Single Crochet tecnique I found on futuregirl's site.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


And, on a side note, I am thinking about entering one of my recent photos into the local fair. Just to see what would happen.

My photos can be found here:

Or at least they will be. I am still working on getting them downloaded onto the site.

Ah, the life we lead...

I should be sleeping right now. Really, I should. But I can't. Big surprise.

Then I realized I could waste a decent amount of time informing the general public (the vast majority of whom probably don't even know I exsist, much less read this) what has happened in my life recently. So without delay (and fully understanding the complete pointlessness of this endevour), our life.

1. No job. **stunned silence** Comments? Anyone? Actually, I did try, REALLY hard. Then I got REALLY discouraged. Every job I applied for was passed over for someone with a degree and all the others were WAY below what I could accept. And no, I am not holding myself on some lofty ideal that I should be paid a large amount of money, its just $9 an hour for only 20 hours a week just doesn't cut it. Sorry. Then we had a lot of stuff come up that made it ideal for me to be at home. Now that most of that has passed, I am back to where I started. Still looking.

2. Nate has a job though. Provisionally. More details to follow.

3. Beaker. He/she is fun/complete pain in the butt/adorable/noisy. No human words yet but he/she is already making the noises that are a precurser to the actual mimicking of human words. The he/she problem is that his/her cere has changed color again and the ability to obtain the gender specifics is not completely diffinitive. So, for now, we are sticking with her. My luck, it will end up being a boy and we will have a gender confused bird. :o/

4. Doctor Collins was in town for a visit and to speak to the area churches about the Sodom dig. This trip also included his lovely wife. Nate, myself and the Days were able to take them out for lunch and then Nate and I had a 3 hour conversation with them at Starbucks. I already liked Dr. Collins but his wife is a kick. And they are a sensational couple. Him being here and being so willing to talk to Nate about biblical archeology and school as rekindled Nate's flame for learning and now he is considering going back to school to get a degree.

5.In the meantime, it looks like both of us will be starting a Hebrew course next month. This should be interesting. My only other experience with another language was 11th grade, when my mother got the bright idea of signing me up for a course in Spanish through the city. The course was canceled three days into due to lack of funding and participation. I really dont have luck when it comes to classes. Hopefully this will be a fun and enlightening experience. Even if I am a little freaked out.

A lot more stuff has happened but not stuff that most people would find interesting and its been too long to try to explain. Hopefully I will be better hereafter, at actually maintaining this site.

I can at least try......

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The newest family member...

Beaker the Budgie

A few notes:

1. Yes, the name is a play on the bird, but the name actually is from the Muppet character. I tried a couple of names, including Spaz (because of the frequent spaz attacks throughout the day) but when I tried to tell my sister that I was "cleaning out Spaz's cage", I scratched the name. Beaker is the final decision.

2. No, we dont know exactly what "its" sex is. The only way to tell is the color of the cere (the fleshy part of the nose above the beak) but sometimes this is not exact when determining the sex of the bird. I am starting to lean towards female, since the color is settling on pink more than blue. Which bumms me just a little because males are more prone to learning how to talk, HOWEVER, this also is not exact and I am keeping up hope. They also say that females more loners and they bite more, but so far Beaker is fairly social (considering the fact that I have only had "her" for 3 weeks) and she tries to find me when I leave the room or calls for me when I have been gone for a while. And she is extremely patient with me when trying to teach her. She has never bitten, up until today, but that was because I had to move her treat dish and it pissed her off. :o) I told her NO, very firmly and her response was this tiny little cheap, almost like she was saying sorry and she didnt do it again. Even better, she is already letting me nuzzle her with the tip of my finger or my nose and she seems to like it. Sometimes I think she is more patient than I am. :o)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Why I love Crocs...

(And no, I don't need to be reminded that I am a dork for doing this...)

I just spend the last 7 hours working on my lawn. Most specifically, trying to hedge a sidewalk with a half-moon hedger ,(I am buying a motorized one as soon as I can afford it cause doing it with the hand one is a pain in the $%&.) which I had to temporarily pause till tomorrow (after already being at it for 3 hours *groan*... ) because about half way through, I upset an ant hill and had them crawling all over me and half the lawn..., I pruned our bushes (which, if you dont know, are huge and a pain and I had to skip one because we have a wasp nest and I dont have anything at home to take care of them with, so its off to OSH,... again...), I treated the driveway and sidewalks with weed and grass killer, washed down the driveway, washed the Neon so that I can possibly sell her, and then, and I am not kidding, I pushed that freakin car, (which is dead, btw, with two flat tires) up the driveway and into the garage and had to back it out and do it again twice to get it where I could get past it to the back door. It took an hour and a half to do it, but, I dont care what anyone else thinks, I am a freaking stud!!!!! Oh, and I replaced the bulbs in the tail lights of my Explorer and raked the entire yard.

Needless to say, I am exhausted and a little sore. And I think badly sunburned but its too early to tell.

Anyway, so I went in the house to take a shower, proceeded to take off my Crocs, which I was wearing this whole time, and suddenly my feet HURT. OMG do they hurt. But as soon as I put my Crocs back on, they stopped hurting.


Monday, March 19, 2007


No, I am not a pirate, that was the sound of intense frustration. Yet again, another job opportunity has fallen through the cracks. Not only is it disheartening to read the phrase "the position was filled by a more qualified applicant" but imagine having your application not even submitted to the hiring committee, along with 24 out of 50, with no explanation as to why you were not good enough to send through for evaluation. Obviously I wasn't meant to have that job but I have to admit, I really wanted it. :o(

The sad conclusion of this affair is Jen having to resort to re-activating her account with ADECCO Staffing to see if maybe THEY can find something. Ironically, I called today to set up my appointment and the very nice lady at the office informed me that one of their clients is current seeking someone with medical billing/insurance qualifications for a billing position. Hmm.......

Ok, so I didn't exactly WANT to stay within the medical billing field, but its a steady paycheck.

Other than that depressing news, not much has happened.

With the exception that I am back to working with the Youth at church (I do actually enjoy it) and I was asked to be a chaperon on the missions trip to Mexico. It all depends on whether or not I have a job. Amazing how that works.

Oh, and we attending a married couples dinner at our church for Saint Patrick's Day. That was a LOT of fun. The Creamers introduced a new game to all of us, Apples to Apples, very entertaining. Not to mention the comfort of Christian fellowship. It was a good evening.

With all of that exciting information, I must sign off. My clothes dryer decided to blow off its hose and has sprayed the entire wall in the garage with dryer lint. Very attractive. Off I go to clean. :o)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Considering my previous comment regarding my lack of memorization skills, I thought this was interesting....

You know the Bible 98%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

I knew I had issues with memorizing whole sentences (doesn't matter if its the Bible, a book or movie quotes...) but I am rather good at remembering people, places and certain events in history. Apparently this also goes for my knowledge of the Bible. Now if I could just work on remembering where things are in the Bible instead of focusing so much on memorizing the entire verse, maybe I would be better off.....


On a side note, this, btw, is the reason I have so much useless trivia in my head. When I learn about something new, I tend to research the subject to death (literally) until I am sick of learning about it. And what I read, I remember. Which is why I have so many random facts about Disneyland. I started reading up on the history of the park, how it was created, why things were done a certain way, etc. and now its all stuck in my head. This also goes for knowledge of random crap like the fact that the decorations you can buy for Crocs are called Jibitz, why the company was named as it was, and the fact that the family who created it sold the company for 20 million to the Crocs company. All because I wanted to buy a pair of Crocs but wouldn't spend the money until I read more about them to make sure they were worth it....

*sigh* Sometimes I really do think I need to get a life......

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"I think I just had an apostrophe..."

Being at home, alone, for a month, makes you think of all kinds of weird things. And it goes to show how creative one can be at finding ways to get OUT of the house.

Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying making my house a home, but this home is making me feel like I am a hostage. I honestly never thought I would actually look forward, this badly, to having a steady, nine to five, five days (or more) a week, job. For just a little bit, before my ending days at BSC, I was looking forward to being home for a couple of weeks. Now I can't wait to get out. Sad, isn't it?

But back to my "apostrophe"... (unless you have watch 'Hook', you won't understand...) I think I have come to the realization that this extended joblessness has been God's way of teaching me to be happy with what I have. Its AMAZING how dwindling funds can further ones appreciation of a steady paycheck. Maybe I have not been able to find a job because I have not learned completely to hand over the state of my finances or my confidence, or my sanity (as it where..) up to God......


(This would probably be where some enlightened Christian with a better knowledge of scripture than I, would insert some insightful and completely appropriate verse, enlightening those who may happen to read the above, upon the awesomeness that is relying completely on God. BUT, since I was never good at memorization and cannot, for the life of me, ever seem to remember WHERE the appropriate verses are, I will stick with my simple but steady faith and the belief that something will come along, eventually.....)

The above does raise a question in my mind: How is it that some people are so gifted with the art of memorization but others are not? And why do some Christians base other people's "level" of Christian faith on the amount of Scripture that one can cram into one's brain? Am I the only one who finds this rather annoying?

And speaking of annoying.....why do people, who cut across two lanes of traffic coming out of a convenience store parking lot, in an illegal maneuver that nearly causes you to hit the back of their truck, flip you the bird when you have to honk your horn to warn them you nearly smashed into the back of their vehicle because they, after jutting across two lanes of traffic, suddenly decided to slam on their brakes, while sitting parallel in two lanes, the cab of their vehicle in one and their truck bed in the other, thus blocking those two lanes of traffic, when there was no red light or any other reason for them to just STOP in the middle of the road?!?!?

*sigh* Probably for the same reason that people think it is necessary to drive 25 in a 40 mph zone, or 30 in a 55 on a county highway and then merge onto the freeway doing 40.

On a lighter note, I got to spend the afternoon with my nieces and nephew at the park. I was called, personally, by my three year old niece and invited along. I spent two minutes on the phone with her and all I heard out of the continuous babble was "I know you were sick.....hope you feel better....going to park.....going along.....leaving in half hour, at least that's what mommy says........Giselle playing on going?" When I informed her that I would love to go but that I needed to talk to Mommy, she informed me:

"But Jenniner, I want to hang up the phone.."
"Ok Nina, but I need to talk to Mommy.."
"But I REALLY want to hang up the phone!!"

An interesting two minutes, but my niece managed to make a rather crappy day a whole lot better. Add to that the smile on her and her sisters face when they got to my house and informed me that I was going with them to the park and I think I am set for the rest of the week. :o)

P.S. Nate is snoring again. I would be irritated that its going to keep me up half the night, but, he also tends to talk when he starts snoring and THAT can be rather entertaining. Plus, he is too cute to stay upset at long. :)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

This is pathetic...

Still no current projects.

My house has taken over my life and that is all I am working on right now.


My kitchen is done, as is my room and I have new, beautiful furniture.

I am so happy.


Saturday, March 3, 2007

Catching up....

It has been, I must say, an interesting past couple of weeks.

Since my final day at BSC, I have been tearing apart my home. Its a constructive tear down, but necessary. Its amazing how much crap two people can accumulate after only 5 years of marriage and a complete cleansing of home and possessions is overdue. The only completed rooms as of yet are the bedroom and most of the kitchen.

* In the kitchen, I cleaned every dish we owned (we don't have a dishwasher, so washing all those dishes by hand was a lengthy task, I must admit), re-arranged all of the cupboards, cleaned out the oven (literally, I actually took the entire thing apart to get to the drip pan underneath the burners) and hand-scrubbed the floor. It doesn't sound like much but there was a lot to do, and it took me almost three days.

* Our room was an interesting task. We ended up getting a new bed this last week due to the fact that sleeping on a full size bed was no longer an option with Nate and his cast. Nate is not a big man, but he does have very wide shoulders and trying to sleep next to him the last five years has already been a task on its own. I was forced to convert from a tummy sleeper to a side sleeper just to avoid having my ribs bruised during the night. BUT, when you include the cast, it became near impossible to sleep. So we finally caved and bought a new bed. And, to my intense relief, Nate finally let me buy a new dresser. Our old set was a hand-me-down from his grandmother and was in need of replacement. I do not wish to criticize a gift from family but it is over 20 years old and smells like bad moth balls. I stopped putting my clothes in it a year ago because it kept leaving wood shavings on everything, on top of making them smell....well......rather nasty. So we also have a new dresser. I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday removing all clothing and "stuff" from our room, I moved the two old dressers and the old bed fame into the office and set up the new dresser and frame. For the first time since we moved into this old house three years ago, I actually feel like my bedroom is a haven and I enjoy being in it. I found an adorable bedding set from L.L. Bean that I am now saving up for, My old quilt is coming apart, the poor thing. It has been with me for 8 years and I am surprised it has lasted this long.

The next task is cleaning out the second bedroom and turning it into an office/sewing room.

Right now I am doing a massive amount of laundry. Having a dresser to put everything away in helps. :o)

In the job arena, I am still looking. I put out four applications over the last two weeks, two of which have since been filled by "more qualified applicants" and one is still open. Its closing date is not until March 8th. We will just have to see how it goes.

Cleaning my house has been a wonderful experience and I am honestly proud of how much I have been able to do, but I have to admit, not having a job and being at home all day has been hard. I have had a full time job since I was 17 and I keep feeling as though I am being a slacker. Its hard to transition from full time job to full time house cleaner.

Having Nate home for the first two weeks was fun but also a test of both of our patience. With my lack of income and his diminishing income due to his injury, I was constantly stressed about finances and trying to get stuff done, while he was stressing about the work NOT getting done at his job and worrying about not being my protector and provider.

But God has provided, as always. My severance check came a week early and was quite a bit more than we expected. Nate's employer has worked out a deal with us and their insurance company that provides us with compensation for any time Nate did not work in a full 8 hour day. And since he returned full time to work on Wednesday, Nate has not only been working his full hours, but quite a few hours of overtime. He is also working today, a Saturday. I have to say that I love him more for his dedication to his job and for his concern for me and our welfare.

All in all, its been an interesting month, but I am no longer worried. I will keep up with making my house a home and when it is the right time, God will provide me with employment.

I have to say though, I am looking forward to working again and being able to get back to my random crafting projects. Its been a while and my fingers are itching to start something new. :o)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Its Valentine's Day......

.....and I have to admit that, even though I realize it is a totally commericalized holiday, I dont like being left out. My hubby isnt exactly the romantic type and sometimes its a bit of a bummer.


He does surprise me. Here he is, stuck at home with a broken arm, he can barely work, cant do a lot of "stuff" on his own, but he managed to stop at the grocery store and bought me flowers and candy.
Ok, so its pathetic, but it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I love my gimpy hubby. He is so sexy in his cast. :o)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Another update

No cast yet.

We went to Nate's appointment with the Orthopedic P.A., T. Coats, who, as it turns out, is not only very funny but he is also the dad to one of my dad's students at the Christian High School. Small world.

Apparently Nate's arm is still too swollen to put on the full cast, so they partially casted him and gave him a MUCH better sling that not only holds his arm better, but it also relieves a lot of the neck aches he was getting from the old one. And the straps are comfy.

So the official update is that he will be re x-rayed on Tuesday and if all is well, they will fit him for his full cast. Whether or not Nate will let anyone sign it is another matter. :o)

Isn't he a cute gimpy?

Regarding HIS job: We were informed that he might be able to go back to light duty on Monday, AND, we were told that the company will pay him for lost work during the week and the workman's comp. insurance will pay for Saturday and Sunday. Thank God.

Regarding MY job: 24 hours and counting. I disassembled my desk and packed up the last of stuff to take home. Its weird, this place really does look like a graveyard now. Its rather sad and pathetic.

This was taken from the parking lot of the hospital the day of Nate's accident. It just goes to show that even on a bad day, the world is still beautiful.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Further Developments...

I just got a call from the Orthopedic surgeon. Barring anything further damages to his arm, Nate should get his cast tomorrow morning and we will find out then how long he has to have the cast and how long he has to be away from work.

Fingers crossed.
So much for actually completing anything.

Not that thats a shock.

I had to sideline the handbag due to my insane schedule and I completely forgot about the cigar box purse, which had been left inside my large sewing box and hidden behind the couch during the holiday season. I recently brought it back out, but I am stuck because I need the final hardware for the handle, hinges, latch and corner pieces, but it will be a while before I can afford to order them.

But all is not lost. I started re-organizing my entire kitchen and so far, its 60% complete. Nate let me set aside money for some furniture pieces for organization and other such stuff, so that helps. I am hoping to have it completed by the end of the weekend, or, by end of Monday, since I will have all day to work, now that I will be completely jobless.

I am hoping it will look nice and much easier to keep clean when I am done. One can only hope.

God's Grace

Its has been an interesting week thus far. Monday started the countdown to my final days at Blue Shield, the 9th being our final day. It was decided that I would stay home the following week and completely overhaul our entire house, spring cleaning, washing every dish we own and doing every single piece of laundry I could find. I would also spend the week looking for another job, thus leaving my schedule open for job interviews. Our finances would not suffer because Nate was still working and I would receive unemployment. In the meantime, I would continue work on our kitchen previously started, to lessen the workload for the coming week week. Plus, we have been looking at houses with the plan to try to buy relatively soon. Big, grand plans.

Apparently God has another ideas.

Yesterday Nate took a ride down with a ladder from 15 ft in the air. He was using an extension ladder, with supposed "slip-proof" feet, attempting to access a box on a rather high shelf. He was, by his own admission, supposed to find another person to help him access the box by using a fork lift, but there was a ladder nearby for accessing the shelves and he believed it to be safe. His work is now claiming that he must have put the ladder at the wrong angle, but Nate has worked for 5 years in construction and I know that he is VERY safe when it comes to ladders, so I do not believe this to be a stupidity accident on his part. Regardless of the reason, the feet on the ladder "allegedly" slid away from the shelf he was accessing and dropped, along with Nate, to the ground. He landed on the ladder with his left arm trapped between it and himself. The result of this accident was a very nasty cut to his arm (and various other abrasions to his face, wrist, arm and body).....

(The abrasion is worse than it looks, its a bad picture taken with my camera phone..)

.... damage to his cell phone, which was also trapped between himself and the ladder.....

(again, crappy cell phone picture, most of the LCD is cracked...)

..... and last, but not least, the fracturing of both bones in his left forearm.

To be honest, I am very, very, very grateful that the damage was not more serious than it was or worse. I truly believe that God was taking care of him because he fell very fast and hard and there could have been much more extensive damage to his body, or more than just a break to his forearm. Its a MAJOR blessing that he didn't break his fingers, wrist, leg, etc. And, as you can see in the x-ray, the fractures are clean and still lined up perfectly, so he doesn't have to have any corrective surgery or plating. We also didn't originally have to go the emergency room. The only reason we ended up there was due to the fact that the accident happened so late in the day that most of the offices were closing. By the time we were finished with the initial admission, x-rays, and final diagnosis by the admitting doctor, the orthopedic office was closed, so the emergency physicians had to fit him for the wet cast. The entire process was rather quick though, considering. We got to the hospital around 4 p.m. and were over at my parents for dinner around 7 p.m..

His final diagnosis wont come until Thursday, when he gets fitted for his cast and then Friday, for his final visit with the admitting doctor. In the meantime, we have to keep his arm stable and immobile so that he doesn't damage the bones further.

Unfortunately this means some difficult financial times ahead for us. With my job ending Friday, we will only receive my final paycheck and my severance check. Which will help. but its not enough for monthly bills. We will not find out for sure whether or not he can even return to work anytime soon until Friday. Whether or not he can return effects the size of his paychecks for the coming weeks. If he can work, it will sizably diminish the amount of his checks due to the lack of ability to work overtime. BUT, if he cannot work, he can apply for disability through the state, so we are looking into that as a possibility. So, please, to any friends who read this, pray for the healing of his arm, pray for patience and sanity for both of us as he is stuck at home and I have to assume ALL household responsibilities while he is incapacitated, for wise financial decisions and for my continued search for a suitable job.

In all of this though, I am very grateful that it was not worse and I am happy that he will be home for a while with me after my final days at Blue Shield. This will be the first time, in a long time, that we will be able to see each other for more than just two hours an in a single day.

My only complaint: The wet cast smells like rotting yeast. :oP