Thursday, July 8, 2010

True to form, a lot of things have changed in the past few months.

And it would be easiest to describe it as confusing, frustrating, relief, anticipation and yet, a little fear.

Most of the people afore mentioned were able to keep their jobs. **Yeah**

Only because the Board of Supervisors decided to re-instate the mandatory furlough, but this time, it has to be done between July and October of THIS YEAR, meaning the hubs will loose over 8 hours per paycheck. **sigh**

All of this because the union rep that represents both my mother's department (Ag) and my husbands (Probation).......(please, explain to me how THAT makes sense)....... decided to, strategically (HA!!), not GO to the BoS meeting (supposedly as a bargaining tool), thus screwing over EVERYONE in that bargaining unit. **growl** So goodbye over $200 out of every paycheck.


On a brighter note.......

My pregnancy is coming along nicely. At least, as to be expected. I mean, honestly, if I am going to be completely truthful, my daughter is kicking my butt. I have been sick all 5 1/2 months thus far, my heartburn is a constant, every day battle, and I am carrying her MUCH lower than I did Ethan, so I can't wear over half of my maternity pants or shorts because the seam below the belly band is cutting into my stomach. Nate keeps reminding me I wanted another child but I keep reminding HIM that I wanted another CHILD, NOT another PREGNANCY. I don't understand women who enjoy this whole experience. Seriously. If there were not a small, precious child at the end of this battle, this whole ordeal would be called a DISEASE. At the very least, the term "parasite" does apply. In this particular case, if I don't eat every two hours, I feel faint and sick and will likely throw up. BUT..... I am not hungry, which makes trying to eat an interesting experience.

God, if you love me, PLEASE, can I have all boys from now on???