Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The newest family member...

Beaker the Budgie

A few notes:

1. Yes, the name is a play on the bird, but the name actually is from the Muppet character. I tried a couple of names, including Spaz (because of the frequent spaz attacks throughout the day) but when I tried to tell my sister that I was "cleaning out Spaz's cage", I scratched the name. Beaker is the final decision.

2. No, we dont know exactly what "its" sex is. The only way to tell is the color of the cere (the fleshy part of the nose above the beak) but sometimes this is not exact when determining the sex of the bird. I am starting to lean towards female, since the color is settling on pink more than blue. Which bumms me just a little because males are more prone to learning how to talk, HOWEVER, this also is not exact and I am keeping up hope. They also say that females more loners and they bite more, but so far Beaker is fairly social (considering the fact that I have only had "her" for 3 weeks) and she tries to find me when I leave the room or calls for me when I have been gone for a while. And she is extremely patient with me when trying to teach her. She has never bitten, up until today, but that was because I had to move her treat dish and it pissed her off. :o) I told her NO, very firmly and her response was this tiny little cheap, almost like she was saying sorry and she didnt do it again. Even better, she is already letting me nuzzle her with the tip of my finger or my nose and she seems to like it. Sometimes I think she is more patient than I am. :o)

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