Thursday, September 20, 2007

Entertaining Jellybeans....

Its been crazy around here. Not that our life normally isn't, just more so than normal.

Now for the updates:

Nate is officially starting his first day at his new job today. For those of you who don't know, he is now employed by the Yolo County Juvenille Department and is a Detention Officer Trainee, Extra Help. For now. The pay is ok, but as soon as he makes up the hours and goes full time, he will actually make enough money that we can ALMOST barely afford to live on one income and he will get full benefits and everything.

On that note however, will him leaving Schillings, we are out of insurance at the end of this month. Since my job doesnt include said insurance, we now have to find a way to pay out of pocket. But, being the little ex-insurance processor that I am, I think I found decent coverage for myself that isnt TOO expensive and does include maternity care, so it will be a little tight for a few months, but things will get better.

With that said, for those of you who havn't heard (or figured things out by the few changes to my page and numerous comments from friends)...I am pregnant. And yes, for those of you whom I KNOW are saying this, or already did, its about time. :o) Actually, considering what your body goes through for this, I would be happy if we would skip the whole pregnancy thing and just have the child but this is how God wanted it to happen. Here's to spending the next 9 months trying not to barf, fart in public, complain (too much) about the back pains/headaches/frequent bladder trips/constant nausea and/or alienating my friends by turning into a she-devil high on all the progesterone and estrogen pumping through my system. If I turn into a rampaging lunatic, you have my permission to slap some sense into me. Really.

Funny stuff and sarcasm aside, I am actually very happy. Most of you know how badly I have wanted to have children, so I am BEYOND ecstatic that we are finally moving that direction. Of course now I am panicking about having to get out of debt that much faster and having to save up for some rather expensive items, but its all worth the little brat/bundle of joy that will be with us in 8 months. And since most of you have been asking me, I do now know how far along I am. According to the Dr and yesterdays ultrasound, I am 8 weeks, 2 days along, (my ticker on my page is off) and my due date is April 28th. I got to see the baby (which looks like and is the size of a jellybean) and we got to hear its heartbeat. We, meaning Nate and I. He HATES going to the Dr., so it is a really big deal to me that he actually went with me. Everything is healthy and A OK so far and we even got to see that the baby is developing is spine and a leg. And no, (and yes, I was worried about this), I didnt pull a Jennifer Aniston, I could see the baby and I actually pointed out to the doctor where I thought the spine was (after she told me it was developing) and actually got it right! Ok, its stupid, but it made me happy.

In other events, I took a job at a local jewelers a few weeks back and I have to say, I love the family I work for but I actually had to make the decision, for the very first time in my life, that the job just wasnt for me and I had to decided to leave. Its not the family, its just that I realized I am NOT cut out for sales (for multiple reasons that would take WAY to long to explain). However, I may not be actually leaving. An offer of part-time employment doing a different job was offered to me, so I have a big decision ahead of me. We will see...

Regarding the other member of our family, Beaker the bird is still here and chiriping. Actually, she talks now. Only "Pretty Bird" but its really funny to hear her say it. She also has finally developed, what I used to refer to as (my moms bird Buddy used to do this), the Chicken Neck Bob, which is basically her running up and down her perch, bobbing her head up and down really fast, making this weird noise. It really is hysterical to watch. And lately, she has developed this habit of cramming her head into the acrylic cover of her treat cup and talking really loudly so that she can hear the echo of herself inside the cup. She was pissed at me the first few weeks after I started my new job (she was used to me being home all the time) but now she just likes having me home. She has learned how to fly and she LOVE circling the living room before landing on her jungle-gym I now have set up on the cage. She is, at the very least, entertaining.


Its started raining yesterday and its actually cold today!!!!!!! October, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, HERE WE COME!!!!!

Time to start decorating my house.

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  1. Congratulations on the pregnancy! I was beginning to wonder whether it was a race to see who got pregnant last between you and Anna :) Just kidding.

    I'm very happy to hear that Nate has got that job he's been looking at for a while.