Wednesday, December 6, 2006


My favorite meal ever, corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes and carrots. Must be the Irish heritage. And there is nothing better on a cold, 30 degree day in Klamath Falls while visiting friends.

Friday, December 1, 2006

My adorable nephew

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So. Nate let me buy a new coat for this winter, which, trust me, is a good thing. My old one was getting rather worn.
Anyway, I decided while there, to make a crocheted handbag. So I picked up some really cool bulky weight wool yarn. I have no pattern, no formal idea of how this is going to turn out, just a neat basketweave stitch I recently taught myself. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I just have to say, the ability to download movies to my iPod to listen to at work has to be the coolest thing ever.

The only downside: The download time.


But I will get to listen to the Three Musketeers tomorrow. :o)

Besides, I can deal with anything right now. I am happy because Nate let me buy a new coat for this winter. Its cool and I was able to find a really nice yarn to make a matching beanie and scarf. New clothes, new prodjects and I got to drive the Explorer through an automated car wash today. I am content.

Thursday, November 9, 2006


It has always bothered me that I dont know how to knit. I know how to sew, crochet, bead, scrapbook, all kinds of things, but I cant knit to save my life.

So it was time to solve this problem. I went out, bought myself an instruction cd and a pair of needles.




I still cant knit.

Over two evenings of work, I learned how to cast three different types of starter stitches and I can even read the instructions now, but there is something about the whole knitting part that I just dont get. I need to find someone who can help me....

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Its official. As of February 9th. the Woodland branch of Blue Shield will no longer exist.

They decision was passed down last year in September '05, when they informed us that they were moving all branches of the Woodland departments out to other locations and that the company would be letting their lease with the owner of our building expire in March of '07. Their ultimate goal is to have all BSC branches located in BSC owned buildings.

Since that date, my specific job and team has been designated to be relocated to the Eldorado Hills location. The bummer of it all is that the EDH location is one of the best of the BSC owned locations and has many interesting amenities, including a cyper cafe, a HUGE cafeteria and an onsite gym. Unfortunately for me, and many others, the EDH site is too far of a drive. I have a new car, but my 'new' car is an '97 Explorer with 80,000 + miles on her and driving to EDH every day is too much wear on an older vehicle, not to mention the fact that I would literally have to sell an arm or leg to pay for the gas.

Also since that date, the first wave of people were given their 60 day notices and have left. The building is so empty and reminds me of a sad, derelict graveyard.

Yesterday was the official announcement for those remaining.

I appreciate the fact that they were up front and honest with us about the closing so far in advance of the actual closure date, but my biggest irritation over the last year has been my numerous attempts to locate another job, but so far, God has closed every door. So here I am, three months before we close and I still cannot find a job. All I can believe is that God has a reason and obviously I am supposed to wait until He shows me the right one.

Its weird. I am sad about the closing because I have been at Blue Shield for almost 7 years, which for a 26 year old, is quite a long time. Its practically a career. But at the same time, I have had innumerable issues and drama over the years that were beyond my control and should have caused me to leave sooner. Which, in my defense, I did attempt, (again, closed doors), so there is a very large part of me that is excited about a new opportunity and knowing that this monumental change in my life is so close at hand. All I can hope in the meantime is that an opportunity does come up and that I am paying attention when it does.

So I take the news of the closing with a little sadness and a little joy.

The fact that I get a fat severance and retirement/vested check also helps.

**evil grin**

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

So I havent had much of a chance to write. Its been rather busy. We went camping two weekends ago with some friends and Sunday, we carved pumpkins. Its been six years (or more) since my last artistic decimation of a helpless gourd, so I decided to try my hand at it again. I actually found a book of Disney character designs online, bought it and I finally receieved it Friday. Sunday I took the patterns and my pumpkins to my friends house and we had a carving party on the living room floor. The aftermath looked a little like a CSI Crime scene, all that was missing was the evidence tags and some crime scene tape. "Four gourds brutally murdered by unknown suspects and a Pumpkin Masters carving set".

I didnt get any shots of the actual carvings but this was the aftermath:
(Photo pending)

and this was my finished product:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I am working on another cigar box purse. I need to get around to taking pictures, but we are having my sister's baby shower at my house this Saturday, so I have to spend the week cleaning.

Oh yeah, thats right, thats all I do now. :o/ I guess thats what happens when you are the only one cleaning up after two people AND you suddenly get the urge to go through everything you own and trash 50% of it. Its taking a while. but my house will look so perty when I am done.

Rabbit trail traversed.

I already have one completed purse. It was actually created to match a dress I wore to a friends rehersal dinner/dinner boat cruise. Finding the dress was a complete accident and then I had a very frustrating time trying to find a purse that matched. The result of which was me finally deciding to get around to making a cigar box purse. The reason for this takes a few minutes of explaining:

My husband smokes a pipe. He frequents a shop in our mall called The Briar Patch and over the last few years, we have become friends with some of the employees. Ed, especially, is our favorite.

During one of many trips to the shop, I noticed a HUGE stack of cigar boxes behind the counter. Ed, noticing my interest, allowed me behind the counter and I was able to chose a few really beautiful boxes. (Not the type made from cardboard but those made of stained woods) Originally I just wanted them because I like the look of the boxes but then I got the bright idea that I would dabble with attempting to make cigar box purses. Over the next few visits, I collected a farely decent stash, but then I got crafters block and couldnt think of anything to do with them. So, much to Nate's annoiance, they sat in the living room collecting dust for that last 6 months.

Enter the dress for the dinner cruise dress. I couldnt find a purse for the dress for the life of me, and was sitting in my living room one evening, three days before the day we were to leave for Washington D.C. I was rather irritated because I had already had a very bad time of it trying to find my dress for the wedding and shoes to match, now I was having the same issue all over again. Thankfully I had found shoes for the dinner dress, but the purse was still an issue and I was out of time.

I dont know what made me go to the desk drawer I have all the boxes in, but I did, and I suddenly remembered that I had some lovely squares of yellow and gold Chinese brochade in my sewing supplies that matched the flowers on the dress. So ran to Jo-Anne Frabrics and Michaels and spent the Sunday before our trip, at my parents house (for my dad, sister and niece's birthday), on the floor, trying to make a cigar box purse. This is the finished product:

Its was interesting, so say the least. I decided to use a small box since this was supposed to be a purse for a cocktail dress. I removed all of the hardware from the box and then used spray on adhesive to apply the fabric to the wood. I did learn the hard way that, especially with satin/brochade material, you have to let it dry for a few moments before applying the fabric to the glue, otherwise it 'weeps' through the material. Unfortunately, I didnt notice the resulting finger prints in the material until after I had finished both sides of the box and I really didnt feel like starting over.

Next, I used some very soft but strong maternial as the lining. I believe that its supposed to be vehicle/chair upholstry fabric, but I am not positive. I have quite a collection of weird material that I picked up for cheap out of the salvage bin at Jo-Anne's. Whatever it is, it was perefect for what I needed.

When I finished with the lining, I re-attached the hardware and some extra pieces, like the handle brackets, that I found at Michael's. The handle was made with some beads I found at Michael's and a few strands of tiger wire for extra strength. Unfortunely for me, Michael's was out of their gold wire, so I had to use silver. So I found some regular gold wire and hand wrapped all of the places where the tiger wire was exposed.

The only thing left wasnt a necessity, but it was bothering me that the folds of the fabric had left a gap inbetween all the corners, so I filled it in by placing a satin ribbon border around the edges.

When I fnished, I realized that there are some things I would changed but I left it as is since it was my first attempt. And I did get quite a few compliments on the purse. The funny part was the looks on peoples faces when I told them I made it. I dont think they believed me. :o)

My current box is about 50% complete, This time I am using this really great tan/blue/brown houndsooth material. I have to order the new hardware from a special site, but when I am finished with the box itself, I am going to be placing special corner pieces on the box and the finished product should look a little like a minerature travel trunk. Should be cute.

I started the current box last Saturday and so far, I believe I have put about 3 hours worth of work into it. With everything going on this week and next, I am not sure how much time I am going to be able to give it, but it will be interesting to see how long it takes to finishe this one. The last box was such a rush job, I didnt bother documenting the time to see how long it took....

Monday, October 9, 2006

Where to start.

I had a blog. I have a blog, but I also had a blog. And I decided to deleate it and start over. Normally I would do something like that, my personal opinion is that good or bad, my thoughts are my thoughts and I shouldnt be ashamed of the hard times. But I realized that my personality, choices and views on life, love and my relationship with my Lord has changed a lot over the last two years and I felt that it was time to move on.

So yes, I have a new blog.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This be where the time is wasted at....

Actually, I waste the majority of my time cleaning or working on some new, strange prodject that I just get odd looks for, if I should choose to attempt to explain it to someone else. Right. With that said, I decided to create a SUB blog for those prodjects, so that it doesnt muddle up personal thoughts. Never mind, that happens already. But I dont want to confuse OTHER people, so this page is officially dedicated to the prodjects that are the product of a deranged (and bored) mind. Updates pending.