Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ah, the life we lead...

I should be sleeping right now. Really, I should. But I can't. Big surprise.

Then I realized I could waste a decent amount of time informing the general public (the vast majority of whom probably don't even know I exsist, much less read this) what has happened in my life recently. So without delay (and fully understanding the complete pointlessness of this endevour), our life.

1. No job. **stunned silence** Comments? Anyone? Actually, I did try, REALLY hard. Then I got REALLY discouraged. Every job I applied for was passed over for someone with a degree and all the others were WAY below what I could accept. And no, I am not holding myself on some lofty ideal that I should be paid a large amount of money, its just $9 an hour for only 20 hours a week just doesn't cut it. Sorry. Then we had a lot of stuff come up that made it ideal for me to be at home. Now that most of that has passed, I am back to where I started. Still looking.

2. Nate has a job though. Provisionally. More details to follow.

3. Beaker. He/she is fun/complete pain in the butt/adorable/noisy. No human words yet but he/she is already making the noises that are a precurser to the actual mimicking of human words. The he/she problem is that his/her cere has changed color again and the ability to obtain the gender specifics is not completely diffinitive. So, for now, we are sticking with her. My luck, it will end up being a boy and we will have a gender confused bird. :o/

4. Doctor Collins was in town for a visit and to speak to the area churches about the Sodom dig. This trip also included his lovely wife. Nate, myself and the Days were able to take them out for lunch and then Nate and I had a 3 hour conversation with them at Starbucks. I already liked Dr. Collins but his wife is a kick. And they are a sensational couple. Him being here and being so willing to talk to Nate about biblical archeology and school as rekindled Nate's flame for learning and now he is considering going back to school to get a degree.

5.In the meantime, it looks like both of us will be starting a Hebrew course next month. This should be interesting. My only other experience with another language was 11th grade, when my mother got the bright idea of signing me up for a course in Spanish through the city. The course was canceled three days into due to lack of funding and participation. I really dont have luck when it comes to classes. Hopefully this will be a fun and enlightening experience. Even if I am a little freaked out.

A lot more stuff has happened but not stuff that most people would find interesting and its been too long to try to explain. Hopefully I will be better hereafter, at actually maintaining this site.

I can at least try......

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