Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All things new...

I had the priviledge of welcome into life the newborn daughter of one of my best friends. She is adorable and mommy was a stud. I have to say though, for my first delivery, (other than my own two), WOW. Very cool experience.

Onto life.

Sunday, my son (Cowboy Bob), my daugher (Princess of Buttons) and I decided to take a quick shopping trip to Joannes to restock Mommy's clip making supplies. (More on his later.) After spending a good ten minutes going over every single button CB found amazing, we discovered the remnants bin. I think the skys opened, and angles sang; my son found a roll of flannel bearing the likeness of Lightning McQueen and Mater. We decided to pick it up, thinking a small throw or travel pillow could be made. After paying for our purchases, we headed off to a friends house for the Super Bowl. I had completely forgotten about the purchase until my son, looking through the bags, looks directly at me and asks: "Mommy, where my pillow?".......

If anyone tells you a two year old cannot understand what adults say, THEY LIE. This kid remembers EVERYTHING. He heard me say in passing I could make a pillow from the fabric, so, three hours later, he looks for the remnant and wanted to know where his pillow was.

Lucky kid, turns out, the "remnant" ended up being the exact length and width to make a full size pillow case. He is just a LITTLE excited.

I love the little booger. He is such a kick. Sure, he can drive me crazy, but he can be so unbelievably, stinking cute. The hardest is when he gets you right in the heart. Last September we visited Disneyland as a family. He remembers. A lot. If he sees Buzz, he remembers shooting "the Buzz guns" with daddy. He remembers seeing Nemo. But what he can't seem to understand is how far away DL is from us.

A few weeks ago, he came up to me and asks:

‎"Mommy, we go to Dineyland?"

"No honey, it's too far away."

"But we go get car and dwive crazy! (Because I once said people drive crazy, he now thinks driving IS driving crazy.)"

"No son, it's too expensive. We don't have the money."

"But Daddy go work an get money!"

"Yes, love, but it's still too expensive. We have to wait till next year."

*prolonged sigh* Ooooookaaaay."

Kid, if I had the money, we would go back. Just for you.

Speaking of money, my grand plan is along it's merry little way. Soon I will be willing to open my Etsy shop. Which, btw, is the reason for the new blog name. It's also the name of my shop. Inspired by my weird sense of humor and my quirky children. I plan to post occasional updates regarding new and exciting things I will be working on.

My current projects are pacifier clips. All born from needing one for my daughter and absolutely refusing to buy one pre-made, followed by making the mistake of looking them up online and seeing all the cute and crazy things you could make, especially if you add felt.

Felt. My new favorite material. How have I never, before this, actually made stuff with it?!?!? You can do all kinds of things!!! So the result has been a few new clips for PB, which has melded into hair clips, pins, etc. All my own design.

My first felt design by hand? An owl. Second? A sea turtle. I love sea turtles. :o)

We will see how this goes. And where this goes.