Monday, March 19, 2007


No, I am not a pirate, that was the sound of intense frustration. Yet again, another job opportunity has fallen through the cracks. Not only is it disheartening to read the phrase "the position was filled by a more qualified applicant" but imagine having your application not even submitted to the hiring committee, along with 24 out of 50, with no explanation as to why you were not good enough to send through for evaluation. Obviously I wasn't meant to have that job but I have to admit, I really wanted it. :o(

The sad conclusion of this affair is Jen having to resort to re-activating her account with ADECCO Staffing to see if maybe THEY can find something. Ironically, I called today to set up my appointment and the very nice lady at the office informed me that one of their clients is current seeking someone with medical billing/insurance qualifications for a billing position. Hmm.......

Ok, so I didn't exactly WANT to stay within the medical billing field, but its a steady paycheck.

Other than that depressing news, not much has happened.

With the exception that I am back to working with the Youth at church (I do actually enjoy it) and I was asked to be a chaperon on the missions trip to Mexico. It all depends on whether or not I have a job. Amazing how that works.

Oh, and we attending a married couples dinner at our church for Saint Patrick's Day. That was a LOT of fun. The Creamers introduced a new game to all of us, Apples to Apples, very entertaining. Not to mention the comfort of Christian fellowship. It was a good evening.

With all of that exciting information, I must sign off. My clothes dryer decided to blow off its hose and has sprayed the entire wall in the garage with dryer lint. Very attractive. Off I go to clean. :o)

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