Thursday, November 2, 2006

Its official. As of February 9th. the Woodland branch of Blue Shield will no longer exist.

They decision was passed down last year in September '05, when they informed us that they were moving all branches of the Woodland departments out to other locations and that the company would be letting their lease with the owner of our building expire in March of '07. Their ultimate goal is to have all BSC branches located in BSC owned buildings.

Since that date, my specific job and team has been designated to be relocated to the Eldorado Hills location. The bummer of it all is that the EDH location is one of the best of the BSC owned locations and has many interesting amenities, including a cyper cafe, a HUGE cafeteria and an onsite gym. Unfortunately for me, and many others, the EDH site is too far of a drive. I have a new car, but my 'new' car is an '97 Explorer with 80,000 + miles on her and driving to EDH every day is too much wear on an older vehicle, not to mention the fact that I would literally have to sell an arm or leg to pay for the gas.

Also since that date, the first wave of people were given their 60 day notices and have left. The building is so empty and reminds me of a sad, derelict graveyard.

Yesterday was the official announcement for those remaining.

I appreciate the fact that they were up front and honest with us about the closing so far in advance of the actual closure date, but my biggest irritation over the last year has been my numerous attempts to locate another job, but so far, God has closed every door. So here I am, three months before we close and I still cannot find a job. All I can believe is that God has a reason and obviously I am supposed to wait until He shows me the right one.

Its weird. I am sad about the closing because I have been at Blue Shield for almost 7 years, which for a 26 year old, is quite a long time. Its practically a career. But at the same time, I have had innumerable issues and drama over the years that were beyond my control and should have caused me to leave sooner. Which, in my defense, I did attempt, (again, closed doors), so there is a very large part of me that is excited about a new opportunity and knowing that this monumental change in my life is so close at hand. All I can hope in the meantime is that an opportunity does come up and that I am paying attention when it does.

So I take the news of the closing with a little sadness and a little joy.

The fact that I get a fat severance and retirement/vested check also helps.

**evil grin**

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  1. Waiting on God's timing for a job can be really tough. Been there - done that. But what is quite astonishing (to our small faith and minds) is how completely He'll provide the right position for you when He determines you need it. Hang in there and keep trusting!